kicap sayang. (:

*khas untuk kau weh.

addicted. (:

*paracetamol only.


love is a drug.

sick of crying.
tired of trying.
yea. im smiling.
but inside im dying.


buat acap. (:

aku rasa kau cute gila time nie.
maaf sebab aku merosakkan gmb kau. :D

'rindu dengar kau main drum.


straight A's.

spm is waiting. -.-


esok result!


haha. teruja nak amek result pmr. :D

chaiyokk girl!

4hari ja lagi. (:

*nanti result aku macam nie mungkin. -.-


page under destruction.



hidup maseh penuh dgn masalah.
urgh. what would it takes for things to be quiet!?


farnan's family.

ayah ; sorry wa selalu tak buat ape yang ayah suruh.
wa janji nak jaga mak. ikut ape yang mak cakap.
hm. rindu nak urut kaki ayah. ):
ayah. maafkan wa.

mak ; wa janji ikut apa yang mak cakap. wa tak nak susahkan mak.
wa kesian tengok mak sorang sorang. ):
nak result pmr terbaik untuk mak.

kaklong ; aku tahu kau terkilan ayah tak tengok kau kahwin tahun depan.
hm. pasni aku tak gaduh an adik beradik semua.

abang ; hm. hope kau baik sikit. kesian kat mak.

amy ; kau. even though kau tak dapat tunjuk result kau kat ayah.
aku tahu kau boleh dapat dekan pasnie.

me ; berusaha jadi budak baik mungkin.
ikut ape mak cakap.
taknak buat mende bodoh lagi.
no more couple.

asiah ; adik. kau rindu ayah panggil kau macam tu.
hm. ):

* gambar nie. aku + amy + asiah buat time pagi.
hari yang ayah pergi. )':


do what ever you want to do.
it means nothing to me.


selamat tidur ayahandaku.

semoga Allah cucuri rahmat ke atas mu.
nikmati tidurmu yg abadi.
ditemani bintang di langit.


maafkan bila terluka.

to you. all of you who ever knew me.
i'm sorry i've done many wrong things to you.
help me in making me a better person myself.
do tell me if i've done things that you don't like.
i may not mean it.
i'm sorry coz i'm not perfect.


dear nat bontot kepeng. (:

tahziah larh ye. (:
al - fatihah. amin.


what if you ex says.

why did you let me go? i still love you.
. . . .

when did we last talk?
idk. |:

will you go out with me?
idk. |:

hey, can i give you a ride?
. . . .

i cannot keep my promise to you.
me too.

my friends say we don't look good together.
. . . .

you changed.
yes. i am.
can we get back together?
idk. one day maybe.
oh, i knew what this is all about. you found someone else.
um. yes. i do.
don't you realize? you are the one who hurt me!
i know.

how can you forget our memories?
idk. |:
i will always love you.
. . . .


last name game.

it's harder than it looks.
erase my answers and enter yours.
use the 1st letter of your last name to answer each of the following question.
they have to be real places. names. things.
nothing made up.
try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial.
you can't use your name for the boy/ girl question.

what is your last name; najwa.
a boy's name; nafiz.
a girl' name; nana.
an occupation; nari bogel. :DD
a vehicle's name; nissan.
something you wear; night gown.
something you do; nyanyi lagu jiwang.
a food; nugget.
a drink; nescafe tarik.
something found in the bathroom; nombor fon?
a place; nerake. (:
a reason for being late; nanti ak ckp.
'blah an segere agar xdisoal lebih lanjut. :DD
something you shout; nak makan!


olny srmat poelpe can raer tihs.. (:

cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.
the phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid,
aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy,

it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are,
the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae.
the rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.

tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef,
but the wrod as a wlohe. amzanig huh?
yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

if you can raed tihs psas it on.

- di curik pinjam dari post bulletin mespes natasha. (:


saya rindu dia.
kenapa dia bukan saya punya? ):


sekulah is ..... =.=

yea. ice breaking. novel cintan uh. xley blah. =.=

kad uno bodoh. =.=

kira kira kad. 'ateng takut hilang. =='

n. (:

dua dua tenuk.mungkin. (:

yea. ak cm kicap da kot.
pasal sunburn hoki + kawad dulu.

*xyh komen.

+ +


tajuk; lukisan hati
penyanyi ; pensil
*click here to listen the song. (:

tatap matamu.
ku renungi matamu.
terpendam perasaan padaku.

dengan perlahan.
kau bisikkan padaku.
terpaksa meninggalkan diriku.


pergi dariku.
meninggalkan ku.
pergi jauh tinggalkan ku.

sepi hatiku tanpa dirimu.


i wish i could tell you that i love you.


owh. setupid. ((:

pick the month you were born in:

jan- i danced with
feb - i needed
mar - i killed
apr - i got drunk with
may - i slapped
june - i yelled at
july - i slept with
aug - i jumped with
sept - i ran naked with
oct - i shot
nov - i kissed
dec - i fucked

pick the number you were born on:

1 - a hobo
2 - the cool aid man
3 - a porn star
4 - a crackhead
5 - the one i love
6 - willy wonka
7 - a monkey
8 - a teletubby
9 - a condom
10 - yo momma
11 - my boo
12 - a ninja
13 - paris hilton
14 - a sexy boy
15 - a stripper
16 - a slut
17 - a snowman
18 - spongebob
19 - my crush
20 - a toilet
21 - the cookie monster
22 - my ex.
23 - my right hand bitch
24 - a gangsta
25 - a homeless guy
26 - a pervert
27 - barney (the dinosaur)
28 - the jonas brothers
29 - a bed
30 - my pool
31- my underware

pick the color of shirt you are wearing now:

white - because im cool
black - because i love sex
pink - because im a skank
turquoise-​​because i like to skinny dip
brown- because i love hats
polka dots - because im CRAZY
purple - because im gay
grey - because that bitch stole my hamburger
other - because im ghetto
green - because i have AMAZING boobs
orange - because i am a mental retard
red- because Im in a gang
blue - because im fucking awesome
tye dye- because im a groovey scuba diver
graphic- because gummy bears rape me
yellow- because i am a weirdo
none- because i have hot abs

i got drunk with a hobo because
gummy bears rape me. O:



arahan nye : once kaw di tagged, kaw kene write a post yg diisi dgn sixteen random things, habits or goals dan blablabla pasal diri kaw larh. sebelom kaw mampos mengepost. pilih 5 mangse baru untok ditag. melisting name mereka dan mengape kaw pilih mereke. dan don't forget to bluetooth a comment ("kaw di tagged (:") dan pakse mereke bace blog kaw. haha. dan paleng sedeyh. kaw xley tag lek owang yg mengetagged kaw. -_______-

1. suke makan. xsampe satu jam peyut ak buwat hardcore lek. (:
2. suke merepek same syakila walo pown ye xpaham dan ak pown xpaham. =='
3. kalo kaw rase ak xbetol. ak tgh mereleasekan tension. (:
4. num kesukaan kot. jgn tanye kenape. ak pown tatahu. =='
5. ak gile maen game. alasan; release tension study game best. ((:
6. ak hipokrit fake.
7. um. hanye punye pelangi sepi. |:
8. ak sangat sayang semue awek ak. (:
9. 99.9% hormon xbetol. 0.01% study.
10. pmr is pig. (:
11. kalo awek ak aimed kaw. kaw dlm senarai ak. fullstop. (:
12. silence is everything.
13. i love my juliet and teddy. (:
14. penah tomboy mase darjah4. skunk tobat. nak jd pompuan lek.
15. saya gay dan juge bahbi lessbo bapok. (:
16. penutup. tahniah sbb ak berjaye habeskan segale repekan ini.

mereka mangse saye ;
natasha - peluang kaw update pas pmr. (:
ramones - asek lupe password blog. =='
intan - xpenah tag kaw.
mulutbisu - peluang kaw tmbh post yg merepek.
aqeel - blog kaw busan.


i do hate you.


im just not myself anymore.
i've nevet been so fucked up.
how did i let this happen?
im fucking hate myself.


family tree.



all i can do is smile and pretending everything is okay.
why can't we just start over??
just stop.
i can't do this.
please take me back to when we were perfect.

): i need you.



nurul najwa bt manan.
im getting older so keep on asking mine.
im an aries. go figure.
sbp integrasi gombak.technical science.

my life is
dear shitters.
im gonna be part of your shitty life.
so be mine as well too.


okay. pengenalan.
im dull. empty. negative thinker. bore to death.
pengunaan bahasa perosak. kekadang puisi.
punya jiwa hati serabut. kacau dan duka.