last name game.

it's harder than it looks.
erase my answers and enter yours.
use the 1st letter of your last name to answer each of the following question.
they have to be real places. names. things.
nothing made up.
try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial.
you can't use your name for the boy/ girl question.

what is your last name; najwa.
a boy's name; nafiz.
a girl' name; nana.
an occupation; nari bogel. :DD
a vehicle's name; nissan.
something you wear; night gown.
something you do; nyanyi lagu jiwang.
a food; nugget.
a drink; nescafe tarik.
something found in the bathroom; nombor fon?
a place; nerake. (:
a reason for being late; nanti ak ckp.
'blah an segere agar xdisoal lebih lanjut. :DD
something you shout; nak makan!


cik apek krepek mrepek ;D said...

oh hey.
cilakak punya susah doe bnde nie.
HAHAHAHA.tp best ;)

cik apek krepek mrepek ;D said...

na cube buat;

what is your last name; syakila.
a boy's name; safuan.
a girl' name; siti.
an occupation; superman ^^
a vehicle's name; solar car boleh terima ta?
something you wear; spender?
something you do; sepak muke org yg buat soalan nie <3
a food; siput sedut?haha.kalau ta boleh,siput sedut masak lemak ;)
a drink; susu dugro adik ak.
something found in the bathroom; senapang?
a place; syurga. =.=
a reason for being late; selipar hilang,kucing pinjam. ;)
something you shout; siod buat bnde nie susah!

notakaki;ak buat bnde nie dlam mse 20 minit ;) bgge tak?hahaha

paranoid. said...

ak buwat 30minit kot.